Feb 5, 2013

UTX TAC V1.1 patch released read more..


Dec 17, 2012

UTX USA V1.6 patch released read more..


Sep 26, 2012

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Aug 24, 2012

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Jun 30, 2011

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Feb 27 , 2010

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Feb 3 , 2010

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Aug 5 , 2009

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Jun 2, 2009

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Dec 10, 2008

Ultimate Terrain X USA Wins 2008 FlightSim.com Award
The Ultimate Terrain X USA product has won best scenery product of 2008. read more..


Oct 31 , 2008

Ultimate Terrain X Wins Best Regional Scenery !
The Ultimate Terrain X series has won the award for Best Regional Scenery product at the 2008 SimFlight Awards read more..









Welcome to the home of Ultimate Terrain!

Have you ever seen an online internet map service or a graphical GPS unit, and wished for that kind of detail and accuracy in your Flight Simulator terrain? Scenery Solutions, using commercial data licensed from companies like Navteq, TeleAtlas, and DMTI Spatial, has created the most advanced terrain-upgrade package for the FS world!

Here are some of UT's exciting features:

ALL THE ROADS: Every available road from the chosen commercial navigation data set, with each road accurately placed to match its real-world location.

ENHANCED RAILROADS: Greatly enhanced railroads, including rail-yards.

SPECTACULAR NIGHT LIGHTING: A new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market. It adds actual 3D points of light to simulate street lights and automobiles (a functionality seen only in professional flight simulators, until now).

DETAILED OCEANIC COASTLINES:  Plus islands, lakes, rivers and streams. No more roads over water!

ACCURATE LANDCLASS: Better representation of metropolitan areas.

DETAILED LAND POLYGONS:  Parks, golf courses, and cemeteries are much better represented. Their boundaries will align with the road boundaries, just like you see them on high quality mapping services and GPS units.

About Scenery Solutions

We have been in the commercial market since the release of USA Roads, our flagship product released in 2004. Read  more.

All of this comes bundled together for a TOTAL FS terrain enhancement, plus a highly configurable utility for managing the various layers of Ultimate Terrain scenery!

Check out the images and videos, the comments of our customers, the press reviews, and the forums to find out how our innovative solutions to scenery design have earned the praise of both users and experts in the Flight Simulation industry!