12 May 2017

Steamboat Springs And KSBS Released

11 May 2017

Kitty Hawk and KFFA

11 May 2017

XpressSIm: 3 French Cityscapes Released

11 April 2017

XpressSim: Thunder Bay / CYQT Released

04 April 2017


22 March 2017

XpressSim Hits 25 Product Releases

08 January 2017

4 New XpressSim Products Released

15 December 2016

XpressSim released !

23 January 2016

UTX Tropical America & Caribbean V2 Released

07 October 2015

UTX Canada V2 Released

07 October 2015

Prepar3D V3 Patches Released

26 May 2015

UTX Europe V2.1 Patch Released

10 April 2015

UTX USA V2.1 Released

01 April 2015

UTX Europe V2.0 Released

21 November 2014

UTX USA V2.0 Released









XpressSim Software


Are You Ready For A New Simming Experience At An Affordable Cost ?

► Massive CityScapes with tens of thousands of accurately placed custom buildings.

► Beautiful, historically accurate terrain (TexturePhoto) with full seasonal support.

► Outstanding performance using proprietary technologies and efficient use of shared textures.

► Buildings sized, shaped and placed in their real-world locations.

► Accurately placed autogen vegetation.

► Detailed airports with accurate markings and custom centerline lighting, edge lighting and spot lighting.

► Unique user interface that provides in-app product purchasing, download, installation and configuration.   A first of its kind in the industry.

► Support for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D all within a single interface.

Our goal is to make XpressSim your one-stop shop for high quality cityscapes and airport regions with great performance.   We anticipate the release of about 6 new products each month initally, ramping up as our in-house development hits full stride. 

For more detailed information on specific prouducts, including screenshots, see the "Products" menu.

View The Current XpessSim Offerings In Menu Form

XpressSim Entertainment Menu

View The XpressSim FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

XpressSim FAQ

View The Quick Start Guide To Prepare For the Software Download

Prior to downloading and installing free XpressSim interface, just follow instructions in the Quick Start guide below, which includes the installation of a free demo product.

Quick Start

Download And Install The Free XpressSIm User Interface  

Click the link below to download and begin your XpressSim experience.  Free demo products are available from within the interface.


The Best Way To Keep Up With New XpressSIm Releases:

If you are a user of popular social media sites, perhaps the best way to keep up with new XpressSim releases would be to follow Scenery Solutions in one of the popular social media sites.    When new products are released, we make public announcements to our followers on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.







View The Short Document About The XpressSim Design Philosophy

To find out more about more about the idea behind XpressSim, click the link below:

What Is XpressSim